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Welcome To My Site on Healing Through Energy Medicine.

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Energy medicine healing methods have been traditions in cultures through out the world long before our Western view of medicine came in to play.

All Things Made Up of Energy
While we've gained much through the advancement of medical science in a "Mechanist" view of health, as with antibiotics and surgery, there is equally much to be gained from thousands year old practices in a "Vitalist" point of view, that all things are made up of energy. 

As I mention in my book, " Many notable scientists today are making that move such as Robert O. Becker, M.D.  who believes there to be one fundamental force that heals; electromagnetic energy." 
The Body Electric, Electromagnetism And the Foundation of Life,
Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Seldon.

Why Energy Medicine Now
There has re-emerged many methods of old practices and new approaches in energy medicine today, largely because the public has experienced a lack in the allopathic approach (western medicine) ability to treat their diseases. These energy practices though not altogether measurable as we would like to see in the contemporary lab to prove their value, people are practicing them anyway, works!

The Benefits
Energy medicine holds the potential for you to participate in your own healing by increasing the natural flow and balance of natural energies in your body to promote wholeness in the body as well as in the mind and spirit.

Learning and applying the art of energy medicine is a self-empowering journey in taking a more active role as a participant in your own health care as a person, not a patient, working alongside your primary care provider in managing your health.

Wave Therapy, A Tool to Better Manage Your Health
Join me on this journey and discover for yourself...



How Wave Therapy Can Awaken Your Power To Heal!

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